A good product or service sells itself. Right?

What are the company’s distinguishing features? What's your story? Your unique selling point?
Even a good product, excellent service and technological innovations aren’t enough for a high turnover and a good margin. 
If your marketing efforts aren’t delivering what you expect, we can sit down together and look at why they aren’t.
Sometimes, a free consultation can reveal a lot.

When it comes to your marketing, we’re here to help. Floriculture, horticulture and agricultural marketing & more.
For a no nonsense and successful marketing agency, we’re here in Zierikzee. Sense marketing & more.

All-in marketing services

Sense marketing & more operates according to its own SenseDiabolo©, a system that starts with analysing the market in general and then narrowing the focus more specifically to your company, your products and services, and your goals:

  • Conducting a market analysis of your company, products and/or services.
  • Conducting a marketing analysis of your market(s) and customers.
  • International market visits.
  • Considering your strategic options.

  • Developing your marketing strategy.
  • Drawing up a plan of approach.

  • Implementing the plan of approach: a systematic approach aimed at reaching your markets and target groups.

We adjust our approach to your situation and explain each phase of our process beforehand so that you know what to expect.
Our motto: think strategically, go for it realistically!

Marketing that helps achieve more success

You might want to look at projects we’ve already done for our clients. Whether it’s advice, project management or EU related promotional projects, you can rely on us. We will also be glad to consult with you about sourcing various other professionals from our network if needed. This could be a designer, a website builder, a printer — you name it.

Marketing for more turnover and margins

At Sense marketing & more, it’s the long-term results that count. We see marketing as a tool for your company to use in achieving your goals for enhancing your company’s reputation, market share and sales. Marketing is an investment that has to provide a substantial payback. As based on a thorough analysis, we recommend the activities your company needs to conduct for optimising its performance. Besides this we are specialished in the writing, applications and implementing of EU funded agricultural promotional campaigns. 

Together with our clients, we develop a targeted marketing strategy, complete with activities and resources. We have now worked with many clients for whom we have carried out many different assignments.

Sense marketing & more — It really works!

Many companies provide wonderful products and excellent services, but not aways achieve the success they deserve. This is why Paul Ras launched Sense marketing & more in 2005. The company is based on almost 35 years of practical experience in marketing, communications and project management in horticulture, arboriculture, arable farming and nature conservation. We would be pleased to team up with your own marketing department. Or, if you don’t yet have a marketing department, we’d be pleased to serve your marketing for you.

Paul Ras is Certified European Senior Marketing Professional has acquired his expertise not only in the classroom (a degree in Garden and Landscape Design, a master’s degree in Services Marketing from the University of Groningen, various communication and marketing courses, online marketing courses, etc.) but perhaps more importantly as a result of his wide-ranging practical experience working for companies and distribution chains in the SME - predominantly the agribusiness - sector.

Paul’s vision is that distinguishing features and more cooperation in short, more limited distribution chains enhance opportunities. His mission is to use marketing as a means to help entrepreneurs on their way to even more success. Marketing as a meaningful investment. Together with our specialised partners.


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